Big cities in the area


The largest city in the area is Izmir, which is located 50 km. from Özdere. The city with its 4 million inhabitants is Turkey's third largest city and the biggest commercial center in western Turkey. It has also the second largest port, second only to Istanbul. The city is known to be a very liberal city in Turkey and the city contains a mix of many peoples.Organized bus trips depart from Özdere during the summer months and the local buses or a rental car may also be used for a visit to Izmir.


is one of the two major cities located near Özdere. It is rather quiet during winter, with only approx. 50,000 inhabitants. Durint the summer, the number of inhabitants rise to over half a million due to local and foreign tourists. Kusaidasi is a very popular tourist town not least because of its many lovely beaches. Cruise ships and ferries depart for the port of Samos, and there is easy access to the ruin city Efosos / Ephesus.